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Advance social media & digital marketing technique free session

Start time 2020-09-11 09:00
Finished Time 2020-09-11 10:30
Address Surat, Gujarat.


Complete Social media and Digital media marketing FREE training for,
??Business owners, Leaders, SMEs, Startups, Business lovers, Learners, Managers, HOD, Sales experts, Working professionals, Freelancers, Students, Homebased business, Online business, influencers, Coach/trainers, Job people, and all those are knowledge lovers.
??Topics that will be covered are,
-> Main Aspects of digital marketing
-> Different platform strengths and usage
-> Business-wise Social media marketing strategy
-> POEM model
-> Balancing efforts of digital media marketing
-> ROI driven mindset
-> How to earn money from social media and digital marketing
??About Trainer :
Forum Marfatia Patel
(Digital Media Marketing Trainer, Coach, Public speaker)
Certified Trainer working to spread the goodness for Digital! I am a Digital Media and Social Media marketer. I am on a mission of taking 10,000 people Digital and with all hard work, I could reach up to 4500+ people through my Seminars, Talk shows, Practical Workshops, Digital Content, etc in South Gujarat.
Strongly believe that Digital Marketing is not only about posting a poster/an image on social media marketing, Its way beyond.
Follow me on all platforms an stay updated with digital trends and updates.
Website: Forummarfatia.com
Available on: https://linktr.ee/forummarfatia
Website: https://forummarfatia.com/
Social media platforms: https://linktr.ee/forummarfatia
To Grow Business, Go Digital.
Call if any concerns: 9574750077

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