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How can you leverage your social media ??? How to grow on social media??? Few quick tips to go a better way in social media marketing

How can you leverage your social media ??? How to grow on social media??? Few quick tips to go a better way in social media marketing

After the outbreak of covid-19, almost every single person is spending maximum time on social media platforms, and in this situation, the social media platform can turn an app into a Great business. 

         According to me, Growing in business is not every time about money or sales. Rather the great relationship with our audience / our followers will definitely lead to creating a concrete base for the future expansion of sales. 

In order to establish a Great image in the heart of the people, here, I am sharing a few quick-fix tips with you.

  1. Win trust:

              Try to build trust amongst your audience for your product or company. Instead of direct selling advertisements, this would be the best way to reach people’s hearts.

Handshake of executives, the conclusion of contracts and management in a company, online business support, business analytics, investment attraction, and financial control in a business team

  1. More platforms= more audience:

you must use more and effective social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. to reach maximum people.

  1. Connect your heart: 

             Show your concern and give some valuable tips to your audience and see the magic of connectivity. Be regular for your response so your audience will never feel apart from you. 

  1. Make a strong portfolio:

             No matter you are new/ old on social media platforms….but this step is most important equally for you. Post maximum product details of your business or company, w good images, content, catalogs of your product, and make your bio very strong. 

         5.  Give importance to graphics and designing:

                 “ What is being seen will be sold” – so don’t forget to show your products with bright sides.

  1. Give new varieties of post :

                   You can run a quiz, opinion poll, put stories, ask maximum questions, you may give some valuable tips related to your business or profession.

  1. Go live:

                    If you can t to your audience use your product or any other valuable learning please go for it. This will add the cherry to a cake.

  1. Post with new tools:

                     You must update yourself and put posts using new techniques and tools. 

                             Example: You can post carousel on Instagram, or grid maker post.

  1. No wrong commitment:

                    Try to put raw and simple material, state of doing a lot of show biz. Show 20 will definitely lead to a false commitment from your end and very high expectations on your audience’s end. 

                     This may lead to harmful situations.

  1. Have patience: 

                     If u r new to social media marketing then must keep patience to get success.

  1. Try to build community:

                     Provide a platform to meet like-minded people in one place. 

                            e.g. Facebook group

            12: Revert soon:

                        Give a reply maximum in 24hr to your audience to feel them connected. 

  1. No overdue:

                       Plan no of a post and go accordingly. you should not post more than 1 or 2 posts in a day.

  1. Reviews & Rates:

                       Ask your customers to give you rates and ratings which helps to build you/your image in the social media market.

                       I wanted to give something valuable about digital media marketing to all of you.  And so here I am with my first blog.

                       If you really feel this all information is valuable then please share this blog with your friends and community.



Let’s have a quick review…to grow on social media u need to follow simply suggested14 steps. Plan your live sessions, know your audience completely, win their trust & heart, add value in their life, pay attention to graphics, designs, contents & schedule postings. 

Stay connected for more such valuable matters and let’s reach to highest pick of social media success.


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